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EURSValidator Global Basic Training

Before you submit your sequences to the health authorities, you must ensure that you comply with their regulatory standards. If you fail to comply with any of their validation criteria, your submission might be rejected by the authority.
The problem is, all regional validation sets are continuously being updated and you need to always stay up-to-date.

Our job at EXTEDO is to ensure you effortless compliance with the EURSvalidator.

EURSvalidator can validate e CTD, NeeS and vNees. It automatically detects and selects the applicable validation set for the imported submissions.
You can start the validation for all the submissions in the Submission Explorer with one click and the validation will be performed in parallel and show you results.
In case of an invalid sequence, the results can help you understand the reason of invalidity and give you hint how to resolve it. You can also generate easy-to-read validation reports for any submission you select.

  • Section 1: Introduction, Starting EURSvalidator
  • Introduction: EXTEDO EURSvalidator - EXTEDO's NeeS and eCTD Validator
  • Starting EURSvalidator
  • Section 2: Import and Validate a single Submission
  • Import and Validate a single Submission
  • Section 3: Remove Submissions from the Submission Explorer
  • Remove Submissions
  • Section 4: Import and Validate multiple Submissions, even a whole Dossier
  • Import and Validate multiple Submissions
  • Section 5: The different Validation Report formats
  • The different Validation Report formats
  • Section 6: Reset a Validation Result
  • Reset a Validation Result
  • Section 7: Drag and Drop Submissions into EURSvalidator
  • Drag and Drop Submissions into EURSvalidator
  • Section 8: Other Tools
  • Other Tools
  • Help, Version Information and Support Details
  • Training Feedback
  • Training Evaluation Form
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year